12 January 2010

Omnia 2: One Touch Player

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Using Omnia II's built-in player - One Touch Player, listen to your favorite MP3s. Now lock your phone.

When you try to open your phone (while it still locked), you will see the song information (if it is an original music from iTunes, you may see picture of the album). Now, touch the upper part of the LCD and drag it down - Cool eh!

You can go to the next/previous music and lower its volume if you want to. A quick review for Omnia II's headset, I find it cute but the sound quality still lacks more crisp (I tried using a Sony Ericsson earphone and felt really great to hear such great sound. So if you like a better sound quality, buy a very good earphone to go along with your Samsung Omnia II.

Another thing, I like Omnia II's call handling. While I was listening to the music, my wife called me. The music stopped so I answered the phone, after our conversation the music continued flawlessly and without a problem unlike some of my friends' smartphones.


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