26 September 2012

Torchlight 2: Out for Vengeance

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Last September 20, Torchlight 2 was launched and to all who missed it, you can always buy the game anytime at your own convenience and download the game from Steam. The game costs $19.99 only and is looking good already. Most of the game fans were already playing the game online. I've tried playing the game for about 3 minutes and it is doing great already, very fast response and the graphics was quite cool even though it looks cartoonish. Anyways, buy the game and have fun. This is not a review since I haven't played the game so well. My brother and I will test the LAN game to experience a coop-mode battle. See you on the review.

The game was developed by Runic Games in which some of the main the developers were former developers of Blizzard: Diablo developers.


I have yet to purchase a game from stream because i'm not very familiar with the title. i'll most likely check Torchlight 2 once I'm finish with the one I'm playing

I'm not really a gamer. But just in case I decide to try something of this sort in the future, I'm going to keep this particular game - Torchlight - in mind. Thanks!

Another game to be played on an internet. Nice read. Thanks for sharing this with us. ^_^

Thank you everyone for the visit. You must try this game, I'm beginning to love it.

I'm sure this is one seriously fun gaming experience.

Hmmm... I'm not really into these kind of games. I get dizzy easily with all the movements. But I'm sure my cousins will like this. Will share this to them.

First time I heard about this game. Masubukan nga.

To tell you the truth, I like getting updates about the new games. I guess the gamer in me has not died yet. I give myself credit for introducing most online and digital games to my siblings when they were younger. And I do enjoy conversations with my students about the games we play. But that's until I learned about the ill-effects of media exposure (including digital (console) and online games) to the developing child's brain.

Do I want to remove these games forever? I don't think this is necessary though. But there has to be clear-cut rules and agreements between the parents and children on how much time they can spend in their gaming.

I see the benefits of RPG even in education but as naturally as evolution permits, we are looking at differently-abled brains of kids now or what we call the digital natives. The growth is too fast people are not able to catch up. That's why we must be more vigilant because we cannot grasp the consequences of our actions fully.

I would like to see how this game is played but I don't think I can invest gaming hours to different games that much any more.

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