08 September 2012

Batman of Shanghai

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I am not an avid fan of Batman cartoons but I love the movies specially the last three movies. Batman movies have soared the movie theaters for a long, long time already and almost all of it were blockbuster. Probably, the realism of the character made the vigilante Batman without super-powers concept made a lot of fans to a lot of kids and adults alike. There is one particular Batman anime style movie clip I've seen that my brother showed me and it was so awesome. I think Batman should look like this when it is animated. I've seen a lot of anime style Batman but this one probably was the best.

It was uniquely rendered in a 1930's style thatt kinda reminds me of Avatar: The Last Airbender anime because of the fighting style used in the anime. I hope this buds a seriously animated Batman series. By the way, this was shown in Cartoon Network channel.


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