03 November 2012

Batman: Arkham City Review

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Okay, I admit it, the past week has been busy for me and it's not because of doing something really productive, I've been addicted to Batman: Arkham City. So, how addicting was it? Lets just say, I always visit Facebook like 20-50 times a day but when I played Batman, it became twice a day (morning and evening before sleeping) - that's how addicted I am to the game. I know this is a bit late but I still want to make a review about it. Don't worry, I won't be biased about this review. Here it goes.

Graphics is awesome! It should be good since it is using Unreal's technology. Tosha (my laptop) really made my day when it played Batman flawlessly. There was just some slow downs in some parts of the game, specially after cut-scenes and you have to fight a lot of enemies. It is probably because of the rendering of all the enemies I was about to face. About the characters, I love the Batman character and the Catwoman looks great too! She is so hot!

Gameplay is another awesome part! I can't believe fighting games can be this realistic. It's like I am watching a Batman movie or better yet Taken but of course the best part was I get to pick who I kick or knock to the ground first. Having played Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell trained me really well in having patience when it comes to knocking down enemies while on a stealth mode. I love creeping on my prey and silently knock them unconscious (though there is a part of me that wants to stick a knife at their back or slit their throat - forgive my violence). It's like I am playing Splinter Cell again but with kick-ass fighting moves. I just hope there\ll be an option where you can interact with the environment like picking up a glass and throwing it on the enemies like how the enemies pick up a fire extinguisher and throw it at me. Oooh! oooh! I love the part where you can catch the stuff the enemy throws at you and throw it back at them.

Actions and Movements is pretty simple too, like most games now - keyboard plus the mouse for action. I love how you can counter an enemies attack using the right-click while using the middle-click to make the enemies dizzy and do your killer combo after that - it was awesome!

The story is awesome too! Playing this game made mo love Batman more. Of all the characters in DC comics, Batman is my favorite and this game just made me love Batman more. Love the twist of the story and the character build-up. I love the story so much. I just finished the part where Joker dies and now I'm playing as Catwoman (ooops! sorry for the spoiler for all those who haven't played it yet). But did Joker really died? Knowing Joker, he has lots of tricks on his sleeves.

Overall, it was a great game so to all who haven't played the game yet. Grab a copy now at your favorite game shop. It is a game worth playing. A worthy of everyone\s game archive. Thanks and hope to see you again on another game review or some tips.


This would be an awesome game for batman lovers and those who love the action/ adventure genre.

Nice review! Though I don't really love batman for some sort of reason. :P

Not my genre I think ha!ha! well good luck to your gaming. Agree, catwoman is really hot in here.

I shouldn't have read this :( I just bought the game, mate.. I haven't even installed it, haha.

you should be playing with my son. Adik din yun sa game na ito.

Really great graphics for that game. Love it too.

wow.. been addicted huh?! well, there are games that seems to not move our ass out, leaving lots of chores or responsiblity coz of addiction. yay! im guilty.

Thanks for all your comments and for visiting.

That is the very problem with engaging games, you don't want to let go of it once you start it.

This is a good and concise review you have for Batman Arkham City. I haven't played it yet but since you've mention this one - I might venture on playing this game.

Sold the moment I read Batman. Fan here! :)

Teresa Martinez - yap! it is true, it is a good thing I've successfully let go of it. Need to let go or else I won't be able to review other games and do my chores :) Thanks to all who have visited my blog.

Since your laptop is named Tosha, I guess it must be Toshiba. :) Catwoman is indeed very sexy in this game. I haven't played computer games in a long time.

not much of a game person here .. but i love to try one of these days ... am also a fan of batman ...in comics and the movie

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