24 June 2011

Tech Deals: Budget Gaming Laptop Deals

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I was reading Jarir Bookstore's May-June brochure and checked out their current laptop offers and its price tags. I've managed to gather 3 top choices and I'd like to share it to you guys. Maybe you are planning on buying laptops you may check and consider these options. I've decided to review some of the options I find in the market and share it here and hope it helps any of those who are having a hard time picking their new toy.

First Choice:
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 525M with CUDA™ Technology

On their brochure it wasn't stated what the graphics card was bundled so I researched the internet for its specification and found out it is bundled with NVIDIA. Best if you ask the sales represetative to confirm it.

Second Choice A:
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics card
Again, the bundled graphics card wasn't mentioned in their brochure so be sure to ask the sales representative to confirm it.

Second Choice B:
So far the cheapest of all.
Even if Toshiba Satellite L755-10J was the most expensive of them all, I consider it the best choice since here in Jeddah, Toshiba has a good customer service.

Both Acer and ASUS are my second choice for a reason. ASUS has the best motherboards I've ever used in my Desktop PCs before but I have no experience when it comes to their laptops and don't know where their service centers are here in Saudi Arabia. For Acer, I have tried using Acer before and as far as robustness and stability, I've never encountered any problems at all eventhough I have a laptop with integrated/shared graphics only.

I guess the only thing that can make up your mind is the price or the size of the screens. I have a friend who prefers to use smaller screen and as for me, I like bigger screens because I have a hard time reasing small fonts. Another probable factor in choosing the best laptop would probably be the weight or the best design on it's body.

There is one other big option for you to choose between the second choice instead of my first choice and that is its processor. Toshiba is still using the older i3 processor while both second choices are i5 already which are both fast in processing your favorite applications. This single option can make the three tie with each other. So what will it be? Quality? Price? Design? It is up to you now.

The prices may not be applicable to your place but the specifications will be of great help. Hope this helps you find your new toy.


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