27 June 2011

Heart of Swarm

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I just finished playing Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty and all I can say is that Blizzard is really great at developing great games with great storylines. Two other great games from them with great storylines are Diablo and Warcraft. I always feel excited every time I watch the cutscenes whenever I finish a mission. It's like I am watching a movie and playing the role at the same time, the only difference is that you know each detail of the story since you are playing the role. I hope there are other games out there with great storyline. For now, I really have to upgrade my computer in order to catch up on their requirements. This game made a lot of fuzz on my machine - it takes ages to load (why can't they make a good game with less requirements?)

Blizzard just revealed their new expansion pack for Starcraft II and it was entitled Heart of Swarm. After Raynor saved Kerrigan, she was stripped off her Zerg power and was totally naked hmmm... I just had a thought about Raynor and Kerrigan's conversation on the first Starcraft where Raynor was thinking dirty thoughts of Kerrigan. Since Kerrigan is a Ghost operative, she can read minds and she just blurted out - "You Pig!" and Raynor innocently says "What?!" - Oh! I love that scene.

Now, did Kerrigan really came back as a human? I can't wait to play this new game. Too bad, LAN play is'nt supported anymore. It would have been great! (oh! it is great already) It would have been GREATER!


wow, that made me think that i need to continue my pending mission in SC2..

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