15 June 2011

Saudi Arabia Paypal Accepts Payment Now!

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It has been a long time since I have visited my Paypal account. I just felt something weird about it when I saw a Paypal Saudi Arabia advertisement - "What's with Paypal Saudi Arabia if it can't receive payment?" I asked myself. I spoke to soon coz when I logged-in, I saw the Received Money on the menu. I swear it wasn't there before. So what am I so excited about? Well, it can only mean that I can now receive online payments if I am going to have online jobs. Yes, I am planning on having one or two since my company is on a crisis I am going to need a way to earn money somehow.

Currently, I am busy with a project - a self project just to show something to future clients. I'll probably join a group at oDesk or at Freelancer or just go on solo. But whatever I am going to do, this Paypal update is gonna be my mode of payment. So it is a good news for me -great news.


Hi Noel. Knew this way back in March or April. I tried it and it worked. Got my payment from oDesk. But, you cannot use it to pay online or send money. You can only withdraw it, either to a US bank account, or VISA card issued in SA. Plus, every withdrawal fee is $5.

I read somewhere in Paypal Help that a person can have two Paypal accounts if residing in 2 countries i.e. SA and Philippines. But I have not fully explored this option yet.

I haven't tried it yet but I am willing if ever. And I actually have two accounts, one is for Philippines (so I can receive payments from other online jobs) and one here at Saudi Arabia to make payments (using my Credit Card) and make online transactions, etc..

When I receive payments and withdraw money I'll post it here as well.

Hi Noel. Does your two accounts have the same email?

By the way, I read the other week in Paypal that withdrawal to the VISA is automatic every first week of the month but it's free (no fees). Maybe the $5 fee is if you request another withdrawal.

My two accounts have different emails but I use both emails as admin on both accounts so I don't have to logout in order to see what is happening on both accounts. But I use xleon77 here at xleontips while izeleon at my Baul.

I still haven't tried withdrawing from my account but I will in time. Thanks for visiting.

Okay, thanks for the info. In the Philippines, it's really easy to withdraw if your account is already verified. If not, you can't.

Thank goodness I am verified! hehe! I actually have two accounts in Paypal and both were verified. One is from Philippines and the other one is here in Saudi Arabia.

gud day! wat banks in jeddah SA, are credited to paypal. coz i dont hav credit card and paypal email to open bank account in jeddah...thanks a lot!

I think all banks in Jeddah are okay. Any email would do to open an account but best to use gmail, don't use yahoo coz it is easy to crack. Once you created a new account at Paypal, you can add your bank info to your profile and once it's added you can transfer money from Paypal to bank and vice-versa. Hope this helps.

what bank in saudi you are using for paypal?

what bank you are using in saudi? is Maestro card accepted


When we are able to use Paypal in Pakistan? we are facing many problems without PaypPal in Pakistan..


Sorry Michael, I can't answer that since I am not from Pakistan or from Paypal. You can go to Paypal's website to check its availability. I hope it is. Thanks for visiting.

Hi Noel, I'm also in Saudi and I came from Philippines , and I'm applying online job in odesk, but I have problem upon using my BPI FAMILY SAVINGS ACCOUNT to set up my payment in odesk. Is this acceptable for setting up payments in odesk? I don't have any other bank account in Phil. ,just BPI FAMILY. I hope you can help me. Thank you..

I think this is a matter with ODesk. You can try and create a Paypal account and link it to your BPI Family Bank. I think you can fund your Paypal account with your bank account and vice-versa (receive money). But with regards to BPI account in ODesk, I don't have any idea.

Jam Khan I used to have Saudi Hollandi Bank


Can we linked visa debit card of AlRiyad Bank for getting a verified PayPal account in Saudi Arabi I want receive and send money through this for my online shopping and selling work.
please help me if anybody know about it.


Ahm, I'm here in jeddah and I would like to ask on what bank were could I open a paypa

Your reply is very much appreciated. Thanks

Hi noel , i am registered in upworl former oDesk but i do not have a mode of payment. I am planning to have a paypal account, there are two types of account here in Saudi Arabia Paypal, Personal and Business, what type of account do you prefer to receive payment? thank ypu

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