08 June 2011

Is LAN Gaming Dead?

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What was the last game you and your friends have played via LAN? The last game I played a game with my friends was Warcraft: Frozen Throne and we were playing a tower defense map.

Five years ago, I remember that our friends and I used to play LAN games in our places. We setup a network hub/switch and connect and play our games. I remember the games we used to play like Command and Conquer, Red Alert, LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth, Warcraft: Frozen Throne and we also played some RPG games like Diablo I and Diablo II and for FPS games, we liked the Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon because we want to play cooperatively (we don't like Counter-Strike).

We've learned before that most of our favorite games like Starcraft, Command and Conquer and Red Alert have made new series of their games but we are unable to play it because of our busyness and recently we've been free from work because we have less projects than ever. So I grabbed a copy of Red Alert 3, Starcraft 2 and Rainbow Six: Vegas 2.

Unfortunately, we were unable to play the Red Alert 3 for some reason. We've tried checking everything -went to forums and asked other players but they've got the same issues as we are so we decided to try Starcraft 2. Well, it seems Blizzard doesn't want to include LAN play anymore. That's probably the reason most of the original developers decided to leave.

Fortunately, we were able to play Rainbow Six. It was a very nice game but we were able to finish the game so easily now. We were amazed at the new developments on how they made the game so realistic. Like you could shoot through wooden walls, blind-shooting (you know, just like shooting while hiding), enemies looking for a way to pin you or your team down and a lot more. Oh and I love how they rapel from the chopper while being shot at by the terrorist - it's a killer. You can also rapel down a building instead of using the stairs - adding extra coolness to the game.

A friend also introduced a game to us, it is called Civilization V. It is a turn-based game so it is quite slow to play but it was enjoyable and quite addicting. Unlike Red Alert, Warcraft, and Command and Conquer, building your empire doesn't mean just creating a vast army and colonizing other lands. If you do that, you'll end up having civil wars on each city you create or conquer. The happiness of the people is a must in order for your empire to grow. If you hunger your city, they will no longer build what you ask of them and if the neighboring empire has a very influencial city with great happiness on their city - don't be surprised when one of your city decided to join their side. It is also a game of politics and diplomacy with your neighboring countries. You can be friendly with stronger nations and make important trades or demand resources to weaker nations. I just built a great wall in my empire and my empires name is Philippines.

We tried playing the game via LAN but Steam (game's network engine) won't allow us to play with each other. I guess that is the reason PC gaming is on its downfall. In the Philippines, most of the games I see gamers are playing are either MMORPG or Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or DOTA (Warcraft) and Counter Strike (Half Life Mod) and in Korea, add the Starcraft.

How about you? You playing a LAN game? We are open for suggestions. BTW, I am planning to get a copy of LOTR: Battle for Middle-Eart II and just had a copy of Command and Conquer: Generals and CNC: Zero Hour and probably get a copy of Diable 2 -just for old times sake.


Am forever fan of LOTR: BFME I and II. =) sa BFME 1 gustong gusto ko yung Helms Deep battle. Realistic.. parang sa movie lang.. kahit natapos kona palagi ko padin syang nilalaro.

Nakakalungkot lang sa mga New Games tama ka.. they're making LAN obsolete.

C&C Generals the best din!!

Thanks Bon, super frustrating talaga knowing na di na namin mae-enjoy yung mga bagong games via LAN. I guess that is one of the cons ng DSL -huge data transfer is already a possibility in seconds. Another excuse to their advantage. Hayst!

Until now i'm still addicted to LAN games. I really love playing TD games especially the Mafa TD and because of that i made and published a strategy on playing that game:
Mafa TD Queen solo game strategy

Thanks for the visit. Yes! I guess playing via LAN is nor really extinct but we still play some good old classic games just for group fun.

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