11 June 2011

My Classic XBOX

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There is a very powerful machine lying around in my storage that is just dusting and waiting to be utilized or disposed. I remember how I used to enjoy playing games on that machine like Halo and Halo 2, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, DOA - Dead or Alive and DOA: Beach Volleyball Version, etc.... It's too bad Bungee didn't make an Classic XBOX version of Halo 3. The reason it is in my storage is because the DVD's laser just got weak and unable to read most of my favorite games and it is hard to find good service centers here in Saudi Arabia.
Well, XBOX is basically a PC that is dedicated for games only and has its own operating system (a Windows Me Xbox edition, I think). Too bad Microsoft isn't making any games for it anymore.

Last month, while I was cleaning the storage, I stumbled upon it and set it up so I could test if it is still working. Most games I had were totally unreadable but I still didn't dump the games coz I am replacing the DVD. I actually tried replacing it but the problem was its DVD is somewhat smaller than any regular DVDs on the market. It's wider so when I tried fitting the drive it didn't budge at all and I was unable to close the case.

So how am I going to make use of it?

I found a great software where I could play videos, play mp3s and play my old games. I am planning on installing it and making use of it as my media player. It is called XBMC. I just hope I'll be able to install it properly. If I succeded in doing so, I'll have an instant player with archiving power.

I'll post an update once I am able to make a progress. I am currently preparing the tools. I'll also make a tutorial for this if I succeded.


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