20 August 2010

To All Farmville Fanatics

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I used to be a Facebook's Farmville Addict and when I watched this I told myself - this looks cool. Two talented Filipinos playing Farmville's theme song with electric guitar and piano. Very cool! I know you'll all like this. Enjoy!


Love how they sound. Very... relaxing. I guess that's one reason a lot of people like the game. Hehe. For me though, I don't normally toggle the sound on while playing so I only learned recently that there was actual music playing. hehe.

@verabear - it is not just the music but the feeling of making something grow. Like you, I usually turn off the sound to make the game play faster. Thanks for visiting verabear.

I used to be a farmville addict too and this video somehow brings back the memories of those days. LOL!

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