21 August 2010

I Won't Drop!

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I noticed how other bloggers try to put their Entrecard buttons and Adgitize buttons almost at the hard places to find. It takes up a lot of time to find so my only solution would be to NOT DROP! Yes, if I can't find it in 2 glances then I won't click on it. Here is what I do during EC dropping and Adgitizing:

  1. While Adgitizing or clicking CMFAds spikes, first thing I do is find the EC and Adgitize buttons and then click on it. 
  2. And while loading the other pages I clicked - I read their articles. Sometimes it takes me about 5-10 minutes to read the article when it really is interesting coz I click other EC and Adgitize buttons while reading it.
  3. I also click CMFAds button when the article I read helps me - it's just my way of thanking the author.

So, how about you? Do you have any habits while Adgitizing?


Same with me, I don't like it when the EC is way down there lol...

I just drop and drop and drop...

just kidding...

For Adgitize - I tried to click on all the sites that I visit.

For EC - yes, I only click if their widget is fully visible after one scroll click.


@chubskulit - I stil try to look for the buttons sometimes if I find their site very useful.

@eric - thanks for the visit

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