31 August 2010

Helping Others Gain PR

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On my journey to find how you can gain PR or PageRank, I found an article that is really helpful. It seems being friendly and helping others increase their PR can help you increase PR as well. How? Gaining friends with high PR or not and them linking to your site will gain popularity to your site. Of course you still have to work on your site/blog's content - it will still rely on the quality of the contents of your site.

One thing for sure is that the people you help, mostly will help you as well. A fellow blogger told me (she wishes to be anonymous since in her site she is also anonymous) that her blog started gaining popularity as soon as she started helping others gain their PRs by joining their contests, being a sponsor, making blog reviews for other sites as prizes, etc... In return most of them will return this favor as well.

Now, I am glad I am doing this contest. I found some new contests and I'll probably join them as sponsor as well. But in the meantime, I'll concentrate on my contest.

Tomorrow, I'll be adding a new prize for my contest and probably close the major sponsors. I don't want to make it more harder for the contests entrants by making so many blog/site reviews.


That is true! Maybe you could help me gain back my PR lol..

Sure why not. If ever you'll be having a contest just drop a message if you need some sponsors.

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