26 March 2012

Media Player and Codecs

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Watching movies and TV series is one of my daily habits. I've tried a lot of media players out there like the free media player from K-Lite media player, Windows media player from windows and even the bundled media player application from purchased DVD drives or bundled media player on purchased computers but VLC Media Player is the best one that suit all my media viewing.

VLC media player is a freeware application for viewing movies. It can view most of the standard video formats and is very easy to use. For more viewing pleasure and more movie format options, you can also install the codecs packed with K-Lite codec pack which is also a freeware application. For anime lovers, this will be helpful since a lot of subbers prefer to use a codec that has a much compressed image to make the file smaller but has the same or even higher image quality.

You can download this two freeware application below:

Enjoy watching your movies. That's it for now, gotta watch The Walking Dead now!


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