04 April 2012

Bastion: Game Review

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Bastion is an RPG game made by Supergiant Games. It is a great RPG game however for me it lacks charisma maybe it is because of what the team Blizzard (Diablo creator) have set as a new standard for RPG games. I've played it for awhile but unable to make a review. So now here is my review for the game.

Graphics was stunningly designed. You can see their artists' love to the game by the quality and detail of the doodads and characters in the game. I must admit that this game inspired me to make a new blog for game reviews only because of the game's art. I love the way they have designed everything.

Gameplay feels like you are playing Diablo but with guns and keyboard usage for exploration. It's exciting to see the colorful environment while you play the game. The mysterious narrator can sometimes be humorous and can sometimes be annoying but not so annoying. It's amazing how the environment builds up as you explore the area although sometimes you may feel the need to explore some areas because it may reveal a new area with treasures in it. The game is well-balanced with regards to the strength and power of the character. If you don't try to build-up your character and upgrade your weapons, you may not have a chance to defeat the boss monster or may have difficulties defeating it.

Actions and Movements are done with the use of the mouse and keyboard. Keys a, s, w, d is use for for left, down, up and right and spacebar for sprint and mouse to attack the target.

Story is also nice. I haven't finished the game so I can't tell what the story really tells. All I know for now is that Bastion was attacked and was destroyed and only you "The Kid" is the current surviving citizen. Your goal is to acquire "Cores" that is used to rebuild Bastion.

This game is considered an Indie game probably because it wasn't developed by big-time game developers like Blizzard. They have won awards for best game already and have earned a lot already. I can't complain about it because there is so much love in the game development. I guess what this game only needs is a better story and more characters to choose.

The game is available it different platforms such as PC, Xbox 360 and also available in Chrome (browser) which makes the game playable in different computer operating systems.

Here is the trailer for this game. Enjoy!


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