01 March 2012

Money in Blogging Part 2: Affiliate Marketing

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On the first part of my article about Money in Blogging, I've already said that anyone could earn money through affiliate marketing with the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and I can still say that it is still the best way to earn money. 

Tons of affiliate marketing products can be sold in your blogger and these companies are just waiting for you to link them to their customers. Being an affiliate merchant is not that easy, that is why it is also an investment to learn affiliate marketing. It's been years of being an affiliate merchant and I still learn new mistakes I did and learned new tricks too.

Here are some sample affiliate marketing products:
Important steps in affiliate marketing.
  1. Look for an in-demand product that you are interested too (it is easier to market a product that you love or know already, right?)
  2. Find the niche that works.
  3. Build a system around it (website or blog, SEO it with your niche).
  4. Make it appealing (nice blog or web design).
  5. Promote it.
Helpful links to learn more about affiliate marketing: Learn Affiliate Marketing the Easy Way


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