12 March 2012

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

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After playing the game Kingdoms of Amalur for more than 24 hours which took me two weeks, I've decided to give The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim a try. My younger brother told me of this game even he hadn't tried it himself yet and when I tried checking the gameplay at Youtube, it looks really good so here is how I find the game. You might need around 6GB of hard disk space for installation.

Graphics was really great. The environment was rendered wonderfully, perhaps better than Kingdoms of Amalur. However, I don't know if you have noticed this but when I tried killing some stray wolves they got stiffed immediately - it's kinda funny and a bit distracting for me. Imagine a wolf or a bear killed by a shock of thunder, that is how I see it. Haven't they heard of the rug-doll effect?

Gameplay feels like Kingdoms of Amalur. The game started with a scene on a carriage full of fellow prisoners which got me quite excited because of the thought that I could be using a horse in this game which is also something new. You may also choose to be an evil and good here. For PC versions, you can even get married to a guy or a gal which is a bit awkward for some so an open-mind is required to play this game.

Sometimes Action and Movements were quite unresponsive specially when you are going through the menus. Probably an update patch will fix this. With regards to attacking enemies, I find it hard to attack an enemy using a mouse and like I said it is quite unresponsive to my clicks or probably a delay. I still like the movements or actions in Kingdoms of Amalur specially when using the new set of weapons like dagger and Faeblades - they're awesome. Standard controls are set to keys "a", "s", "w", "d" for walking around the game. This game I think should be played using a gamepad control when played on a PC coz it sucks to play with your keyboard and mouse. I lost interest after playing for 30 minutes. I am considering to buy a gamepad now for more upcoming game reviews.

Story? Well, I really coundn't say much since I've stopped after 30 minutes of playing. From the looks of it, you are mysteriously connected to the dragon that attacked the prison camp on the first cut-scene. I'm probably going to play this after I bought a game pad. It is a decent game and it's probably a game that you'll either hate or love. If you love games like this and you're not irritated to the game controls then you'll probably love this game.


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