07 March 2012

D90 Shots from my New Toy!

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At last, I've got my hand on my first ever DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) - the D90. Too bad they run out of D7000 but I guess D90 will do great and wonders probably. I just compensate it with new a telephoto lens. I must say, compared to the Nikon F60's grip, Nikon D90 is quite smaller. I still love the touch and feel of the F60 but I guess I'll get use to it with frequent usage.

I admit I was a bit overwhelmed with D90's buttons which is I think about more than 10. I have already downloaded a few video tutorials about how to learn photography before and I've watched some already. I've had a few basic lessons already that I've used with my F60 and thank goodness it was easy to adopt with D90 controls.

Okay here are a few of my first day shots.
my cute and cuddly youngest son - Noah
my handsome and loving first-born son - Ize
there's some digging happening in front of our house so I took some shots


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