03 March 2010

4th Payment from HYIFund

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Okay, after a DDOS attack on HYIFund I never thought I'd see them again. I thought it is just some sort of a scheme to get out but I was badly mistaken. After the attack, they went online again and to test their credibility, I decided to make a test withdraw. This morning, I saw the email and I am now happy to report that another payment proof has been added to my HYIFund experience.

To join them - click HERE.

-- Once again, here is a quick info.
Just a brief information of what HYIP - High Yield Investment Program means. There are a lot of HYIP program that is on the internet and 90% are scams so it is VERY RISKY. Since HYIFund lets you earn money for a minimum of $1, I made a gamble and was glad I did. So to all interested, this is a warning, don't invest an amount you don't want to take risk.

By the way, HYIFund gives you an initial $2.50 investment just for joining, of course you can't withdraw any money you have earned if you never invested. A minimum of $1 investment is required in order for you to withdraw money from them. JOIN HERE. Another thing, you will need Alertpay in order to make investments at HYIFund.


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