16 February 2010

Adgitize: How to Install Widget?

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Before we start, some of you most especially new people to Adgitize maybe asking "What the hell is this Adgitize!"

Adigitze - founded by Ken Brown to provide an alternative advertising platform for bloggers. A social gathering area in our forum where bloggers can share ideas for blogging, advertising, earning revenues and raise blog traffic growth. Adgitize has a unique point system that translates into real dollars for bloggers with blogs of all sizes big or small.

Basically, Adgitize is another way for your blog to earn money. So if you haven't join yet, this is your chance to earn now - JOIN NOW!

Okay, after you have joined. You MUST install their widget in order to get points (this points will be converted to money), it is actually optional but if you are earning money just for showing blog logos of other bloggers - just put it there and let it earn you money.

1. First, on the menu - click Manage Blogs. You will be redirected to all the blogs you have registered as seen below.

2. Click GET CODE from the blog you want to install the widget. It is essential to get the code from the right blog you have registered. It will show you then a list of number widget sizes. Choose which ever fits your blogs theme. Here is what it looks like.

3. After choosing the desired widget size, copy the code you see on a textbox and paste it on your blog's widget box.

There you go. I hope you have found this very useful. Remember, just by displaying this widget it will earn you money already.

Here are some other reasons why you should ADGITIZE!
* Advertisers Can Reach Thousands of Potential Visitors Daily
* Advertisers Pay One Low Monthly Fee
* Affiliate Network Helps You Earn On-Going Income
* Publisher Network Produces a Monthly Cash Revenue Stream
* Bloggers Like You Increase Their Daily Traffic
* Advertisers Get Cash Rebates
* Spend Your Time Blogging and Let Adgitize Send You Traffic



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