12 March 2010

ADPTC's Slow Down

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Recently, I've been having problems accessing ADPTC's site. At last, I was able to go through their forum because even their forum is having slow down issues. Here is the word from the administrator.

With the rapid growth of AdPTC (> 100,000 users, > 6 mln clicks), an obvious problem occurs: scalability. The site started being sometimes slow and giving errors.

I started looking for the ways to improve the situation. And fortunately I did found some flaws in accessing the database. This flaw is the reason of bad database behavior, and needs to be fixed.

I started the optimization forum to see how it would look like. I had to rewrite about 20% of the script, but now the forum is ready. It's been moved, several new features have been introduced (like SEO URLs), but it still lacks some features. It will be fixed soon.

The good news is that the new forum works perfect, the forum database is not overloaded anymore. It means that I'm on the right way.

Now it's time to optimize the whole site, this will probably take up to 3 weeks. Alas... In 3 weeks (maximum) all problems will be solved.

I understand that it's a long period of time, many of have Premiums, direct/rented referrals etc. That's why I'll be introducing the optimizations step by step for you to feel the benefits immediately.

For example, even if you get an error while watching the ad, it still counts, and you still get the click, thus you get the money from referrals.

I thank you all for understanding and co-operation and helping to build the most reliable PTC.
You maybe asking what is this ADPTC. They are a 2 years old Paid To Click program in which members can earn additional income by visiting websites through clicks. There site continuous to grow (about 10,000 members) and they are still paying their members and they are still trusted by people. With CHEAP advertisements to go with their popularity.

Hurry and JOIN NOW. They also have a very cheap referral rent ($5 for 50 refs) and cheap premium upgrade of $65.


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