16 December 2011

Cool Techs for Everyone

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While browsing backup files that I've archived not so long time ago, I browsed into some of my mobile applications that I have used on my Samsung Omnia 2 and found a collection of GPS applications I've used before. GPS means Geographical Positioning System and it deals with maps and satellite connection and of course GPS devices. Now my Omnia 2 has a GPS device built-in on it and it is capable of tracking my position where ever and when ever I want.

Me and my friend tried one of these applications on his IPhone and it really worked so well. He has even tried using it on their long journey before. These days, having a built-in GPS on handset devices and smart mobiles or getting more in demand. Most devices may have their own GPS built-in on it but they have different performances. If having a gps device pn your mobile is a must, it is best to check out some of the best sat nav reviews found on the internet. It is always best to seek out some professional or unbiased reviews before using the application so you'll get most from your purchased product.

image from gearfuse

In my current line of work and my company's line of products which involves maps and GIS applications, GPS devices such as my smart device are quite handy and very useful in testing the integrity of our spatial data or map data.

Clearly, high-tech applications today and high-tech devices which were only found in James Bond movies before are now available to everyone. I wonder what upcoming new technologies we'll see on the future - I can't wait to see it.


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