02 December 2011

Saved from a Malicious Stalker!

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Once again my life was saved by Microsoft's free antivirus.  I was busy browsing the web from Stumbleupon and I probably clicked on a link on some of the sites I've been browsing. Suddenly a window appeared - it is a Microsoft Security Essentials window. It was warning me of a possible threat found on that website and is trying to access my machine.

I remember having this same issue in another machine of mine that is quite old and is still using the Windows XP on it. Once infected with the virus, whenever I go to Facebook, I go to a different site with the same url as the facebook's. Can you believe that? 

It's not a joke when you face this same scenario so if ever you have been infected with a virus here is what you should do.

  1. Shutdown your machine.
  2. After a few minutes, turn the machine on again.
  3. Turn on and check for virus using your antivirus software. If you found nothing, there is a possibility that the virus is gone or just sleeping.
  4. Try going to Facebook again or any social sites (this is usually the virus' target url)
  5. If you still encounter the same scenario, then the only solution is to get another antivirus software but since your machine is compromised, back-up your important files and try to remove the hard disk and let other clean machine handle the cleaning. 
  6. If it didn't work, I guess formatting your hard drive would be your last option.
For better security and to avoid the above scenario, I suggest purchasing a licensed Windows operating system such as Windows 7, Vista or whatever suits you. Then download the microsoft security essential - it's FREE. Just a warning, if you don't have a genuine copy of windows, you won't be able to install this free antivirus. 


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