01 December 2011

Benefits in Smoking. Are there any?

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You're probably here because you thought there are great things one can achieve from smoking. Sorry but there are none. I just want to highlight how smokers can stop smoking or at least how they can be responsible smokers and what the damages smoking can bring anyone.

Even at a young age, I disliked smoking already. When I was on my 3rd year high school, I tried smoking but it really brought more dislike feeling for me. It's probably because of the smell and the fact that our lungs hates smoke. Here in Saudi Arabia, more and more people specially the locals, become smokers and not just smokers but chain smokers. Worst thing about their cigars are the smell, it sticks in your clothing and your hair and it made me hate smoking the more.

No offense to smokers, most of them are irresponsible smokers. Why? Because they don't care if the people around them (most of them are 2nd hand smokers) dislike smoking. Most of them just lit their cigars comfortably without a care in the world. To think the second hand smokers gets worst than them. If you have no idea, 2nd hand smokers are more dangerous than the 1st hand simply because the 1st hand smokers have filters on them while the 2nd hand don't have any. Best examples are the pregnant smokers and the other one is smoking in the presence of a child. What the parent don't know is that the child is the one that gets more affected than them. It is a selfish act that don't help but makes things worst specially to world climate change. If you don't believe check it out at Google. At least if they want to smoke, go to a private place where they are the only ones affected.

If you are a chain smoker, there is still hope for a change. The latest technologies brought new products that could help you make it easier to quit smoking. You can use smoke or cigarette patches, nicotine patches or electronic cigarettes. The said products were tested and have already made a lot of people cigarette-free.

Quit Smoking Now!

My wife is a dentist and she often get patients with the same issue as the above picture. She said it was from smoking. Imagine, we have ways to clean our teeth like brushing but it just slows down the effect. Now, imagine how your lungs look like. Here are some of the effects of smoking: 
  • Shortness of breath
  • High-blood pressure
  • Yellowish-to-brownish discoloring on teeth
  • Facial wrinkles or ages faster
  • and more.
If you can't do it for yourself, then do it for your love ones because it has the same effect to second hand smokers except for the teeth. One favor, the next time you lit your smoke, can you ask the people around you if they won't mind you smoking or better yet, just quit. It's not just for your own benefit but for everyone's.

Just a health tip from Xleon Tips.


Smoking is definitely not good for the health.

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