23 November 2011

Play Time!

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Long time ago, I used to be addicted at FB games like Cafe World, Yoville and the most fun and addicting game of all was the FarmVille. I love games and most of the games right now are so sophisticated where you have to be a member first in order to play or install some applications in your PC which by the way I don't recommend because of too much spreading of virus.

Once in a while it is nice to play some classic games or just plain games played online like flash games. Twilight game gives you hundreds of choices of games to play with like this shoot 'em up game below that made my clicking finger ache (lol!) Play the game below or visit their site for more games.
Twilight Game
So that is it, enjoy!


This post reminds me that I have to watch Twilight's Breaking Dawn. Hehe. Nice blog. :)

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