10 November 2011

Techo Christmas Gift Ideas 2011

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Okay, I was browsing through Jarir Bookstores new brochure for a few cool new computer or laptop deals probably hoping and dreaming of something cool to own this coming Christmas. Well, even if I do have the money, I'll probably think more than twice in buying my Christmas gift ideas because of the coming baby but here are a few of the deals I've found that is really reasonable.

1st Choice: HP DV6-6196EX
My first choice is this HP DV6 because of its processor and the size of the dedicated video card. It wasn't stated what brand of video card was packaged but based from HP website, it is a AMD Radeon HD 6770M (2 GB GDDR5 dedicated). It is best to ask the salesperson or better to ask them to show you what is the brand of the graphics card is.

2nd Choice: ASUS A53SV
My second choice was ASUS since it also a whopping 2GB video card and it is NVidia. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't hate AMD Radeon (formerly ATI). It's just that my experience with Radeon is not that good and I just love NVidia more than them. For motherboards, I wouldn't think twice in buying ASUS brand but with laptops (hmm... I am still thinking). Well, I just hope their lack of style on their laptops makes up on its performance. But it is still a good deal.

You can check out these promos in Jarir Bookstores near you (Middle East only).


Now it's time for Christmas shopping. Hoping for more discounts on gadgets!

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