24 August 2011

Bigger Memory for Progress

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I've noticed that my desktop PC's performance is really..... making me want to throw it already. I don't have the bucks to buy a new PC so I guess it's the memory that I have to upgrade for now. We are on a very tight budget and I need to finish a project soon. I can't work when I try to open something and something fails and then hangs. I can't multi-task anymore and I don't have time to tweak things.

I guess I have to thank the people who invented the PC and made the parts quite easy to replace. Imagine if you could upgrade your TV as well, it would really be nice to have a personal touch in fixing something. Anyways, when I get my money tomorrow I'll definitely buy me 2 pcs of 2GB DDR2 memories.
My PC's performance is also the reason why I seldom blog now. It's too slow and it is making me lazy. Okay, two-fingers cross and hope I'll receive my salary tomorrow. See you again guys.


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