17 August 2011

Cool Rewards for Responsible Consumer

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An officemate once told me that he never got anything back from his online purchases. I asked him what he bought and he said that he always buy most of his favorite movies online. I jokingly said "that's it then, you got your favorite movies from your purchases". He just laughed but he was actually sour-graping over his bad habit of impulsively buying things online.

But what if you CAN REALLY get something else besides the product you are buying, would you try it?

The power of rewarding people through their purchases is one of the best online and offline marketing strategy most companies do now. Most credit card companies do this strategy too and it benefits both the company and the consumer. I am not an impulsive buyer but when in times of tight budget I use my credit card to purchase important products that I really need. So if I could hit two birds in one stone I'd do it and that is by taking advantage of their strategy. One warning though, most of the times it can be addicting so be a wise and responsible consumer if you don't want to be left with lots of debt.

One great thing is that this strategy is used by some websites that are affiliated to top online shopping industry like Ultra Prizes. They don't give you reward points but they'll give you a chance to win daily prizes of gift cards, vouchers for your future online purchases and their very cool monthly ultra prize Android device.

It is indeed rewarding when you get something else besides what you really want through your purchases. So if you are buying online, I suggest checking their offers and get a chance to win some of their cool raffle prizes by claiming it.


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