11 February 2010

Baul ni Noel Blog Theme Implemented!

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My other blog which I entitled "Baul ni Noel" has just been themed - by me. I studied Blogger's theme and was glad that I finally am able to chew the theme as it is combination of XML, javascript and unicodes plus HTML codes I haven't realized in my IT life yet.

Okay Baul ni Noel's theme is not yet fully finished. Why? As I happen to finish the theme, another idea came to me and I am already changing my mind if I should change it or not. Now, in order for me to finish it or oblige myself - I implemented the theme and just asked for my readers opinion if they have some pointers they can add. Feel free to browse my Baul and make some comments about its new theme.

Of course after I finished Baul's theme, this blog will be next and hopefully a start of a new journey for me in Blogger Theming. Of course that means, the category of Theme will be added and hopefully, free themes will be offered or I could offer it as my price on my upcoming contests like other bloggers out there. So just standby and till next time.


that's nice to hear. changed my design yesterday too although the template is not uniquely mine.

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