08 February 2010

3rd Payment from HYIFund

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I have been out for almost a week, can't click on Adgitize and can't make posts so I did not earn a single dime for almost 5 days. What's frustrating me is I have an advertiser account at Adgitize. My internet service provider sucks. They still haven't fixed my internet connection. Okay enough of this frustrations and go on with the good news.

Even I can't help it, I haven't seen an HYIP like this yet. When I checked my gmail, I saw an email from ALERTPAY and checked it out and was so happy to report that I have once again received another payout from HYIFund. I have been paid last Feb. 6.

Just a brief information of what HYIP - High Yield Investment Program means. There are a lot of HYIP program that is on the internet and 90% are scams so it is VERY RISKY. Since HYIFund lets you earn money for a minimum of $1, I made a gamble and was glad I did. So to all interested, this is a warning, don't invest an amount you don't want to take risk.

By the way, HYIFund gives you an initial $2.50 investment just for joining, of course you can't withdraw any money you have earned if you never invested. A minimum of $1 investment is required in order for you to withdraw money from them. JOIN HERE. Another thing, you will need Alertpay in order to make investments at HYIFund.

Happy earning and don't be hasty in investing - think first.


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