15 January 2014

The Rubber Band Machine Gun

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During my young years, I remember playing with a customized gun made out of sticks and wood and my ammo is a rubber band. Sometimes I wish I was back on those years and play cops and robbers with my friends. Surprisingly, like the Power Up Paper Planes I posted last time those guns I used to play with my friends just got an upgrade too of course it comes with a price - a whopping $140 dollars. Well, it seems even the older generation will enjoy this new upgrade but with that amount, I'll probably stick with the sticks and rubbers.

The Rubber band machine gun is not something to joke about, try joking with someone holding a gun like this. I remember being hit by a rubber band gun before - it doesn't hurt much but it hurts big time if you get hit twice or more. Anyways, here is a video of how it works. It's like jet fighters Vulcan guns, it even sounds like one (I mean the rolling of the barrels).


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