14 September 2016

Stock Trading with eToro

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Good day everyone. I know it has been a long time since I've blogged but I'm back. So while I was away for a long time. I've learned some great and interesting things that can make your future more secured and your present profitable. But what am I talking about here. I've been to affiliate marketing for a long time and it did gave me a few extra bucks but I never knew that there is a greater profit in stock trading. Well, I actually knew it but I don't know how. So while I was away, I read some stuffs about stock trading and asked a few friends that are into it and watched some videos as well.

So I've been busy educating myself with the help of Financial Advisers and videos from Youtube about stock trading and I've engaged myself in eToro since my friend have already tried using it. The great thing about them is that it is easy to start it. I've lost a few bucks and earned a few as well - I'm still learning the curves but I am doing good so far. So as part of my Financial Literacy topic on my other blog, I will teach you how to open an account with eToro and how to fund it.

First, you must know that in stock trading - you only trade with what you are willing to lose. Which means invest only the amount you are willing to lose - don't worry, once you've learned the curves, you'll probably earn more and once you've seen it is gaining more, you'll want to have more profit by increasing your investment.

So here is how. First, signup at eTORO. Best if you can fill-up all the necessary information that is needed. Try to make your account VERIFIED by submitting all the necessary required documents - don't worry it is not that hard.

Once you have signed up at eToro, you can use their virtual money to gain access to trading. It is like an actual trading, so learning will be easier for you. You can watch some videos from youtube about stock trading and apply your knowledge here at eToro.

If you have learned the how to trade then you might want to fund your eToro account with real money to earn real profit as well. Now, this is where it gets tricky if your country is supported. There are a few ways to fund your account at eToro - one is thru bank transfer, you can also use PayPal. My only problem with PayPal is that if I decided to withdraw my money, I won't have a way to take my money from PayPal since they only accept american banks. What I've used is SKRILL, it is like PayPal but what's great is that you can add your bank in your current country like here in Saudi Arabia. You can also add a credit card on Skrill. Make your account VERIFIED as well.

Once you are verified in Skrill, you can now fund your eToro. First is you login at eToro and click the big button DEPOSIT Fund on the bottom-left corner of the screen. There it will take you to the options in funding your account. Choose Skrill (make sure your credit card is already added in your Skrill account and it should be verified already). Once you are in, just follow the steps.

Enjoy your stock trading adventure and hope you have a fruitful or profitable earning towards a better future. I'll post more about eToro and other financial literacy or investment stuffs in the future so get in touch with my blog. See you all. Thanks for the visit.


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