06 October 2012

2012 October: Cool New Gadgets

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Who doesn't love gadgets? Gadgets are so cool specially if they have lots of usage or just plain cute. It's amazing what technology has to offer nowadays. I've been watching the internet and found lots of gadgets on the internet which are really useful for our needs. Okay here are some of the cool gadgets that I am talking about.

Looney Tunes USB Flash Drive
  • 4GB capacity
  • Read speed: up to 15 MB/s
  • Write speed: up to 5 MB/s
  • Chain with cap holder included
  • Other designs to collect. There are also other designs like Coca Cola,  beer, Hello Kitty, etc which has different capacities.

Yanko LED Watches
  • 4GB capacity allows you to store thousands of files including MP3s, e-documents, pictures, etc.
  • LED display capable of showing the time, date, battery life or current storage capacity at a touch of a button
  • Comfortable to wear and fashionable, it's easy to mix and match with all your clothes
  • Guaranteed durable with its rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, special surface finishing, seismic, waterproof and anti-static watch design

Portable Wireless Silicone Keyboard
  • - Wireless
  • - Waterproof
  • - Soft
  • - for IPad, IPad2, IPad3, Tablet PCs, laptops and desktop PCs.
Just another exciting way to make your life easier and makes you look cool too. These are just simple things yet an ideal and affordable gift for anyone.


Cool stuff indeed with this blog. Love all especially the sillicone keyboard.. have to check out them for the purchase!!!

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