13 May 2012

Philippines vs China: Stand-off!

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Laughing out loud is all I did when I watched this cartoon clip from Taiwan. I'm just glad that they have they also find China's claim - ridiculous! Just enjoy the video.
Source (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/philippines/9259582/The-China-Philippines-dispute-explained-in-cartoon.html)


Panda isnt even chinese. They stole it from Tibet. Now, who's the real thief? Then they claim the whole south china sea as theirs and even go as far as saying that philippines is theirs! You should send your best chinese soldier vs the best PHilippine Military Academy neophyte, see who wins!

china will not always win but philippines just lose

.... IF the Philippines were to go to war with china, there will be Philippine soldiers of Chinese heritage fighting the PLA, is there anyone in the PLA of Filipino heritage who will fight for china? And what will china use against Filipino ingenuity and resourcefulness? Filipinos may have sticks and stones for weapons, but battle-hardened Filipinos waging war against commies for decades will have a field day against AK47-toting PLA conscripts ....

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