28 April 2012

Marvel: Super Hero Squad Online - Game Review

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If you haven't seen or played the game Marvel Super Hero Squad Online then I advise you to play it. Okay, the characters of the game are all SD or Super Deformed. Super Deforming the characters made them look funnier and cute. Usually, SD is done with some anime to make a funny story like the Full Metal Alchemist SD I've seen before. Even Gundam SD was made fun and at the same time cute but that is totally a different story.

Let us focus on Marvel Super Hero Squad Online or MSHSO. The game was based on its animated cartoon show version. I've seen a few episodes while watching with my son and I can't help but laugh. It's funny and also hilarious and that was probably the reason it had a great impact on kids and kids at heart as well. It was also the reason I use it as a theme on my son's 6th birthday.

On their online based game, you'll have a lot of characters to choose with as your heroes collection and while you play, you may be able to unlock or purchase some of the characters of the game. I've played the game and I can assure you that it is fun.

Graphics is the same as their animated cartoons and is quite fast and doesn't require much memory since you'll only be using your browser. Yes it is a browser-based game and is only using Adobe Flash as its core.

Gameplay is much more like other online games I've played so far but unlike other online games, you don't need to level-up in order to go to other places. There are no upgrades on your weapons except your special action or special attack. Building up your character may gain you bonus special actions and increase your squad level which also could gain you new heroes, character furniture for your heroes' dorm (Yes, you have your Helicarrier too, makes you feel like you are playing The Sims), coins (silver / gold), unlock some missions or even gain playing cards.

There are also mini-games you can play like playing your card collection for a card game, arcades like Mind Match, Whack-a-Moloid, Base Invasion, Night Patrol and my favorite Prize Wheel. There are two types of missions, one is the daily missions which are free while others can only be purchased but both can be played cooperatively with some of your online buddies or just wait for players to jump in. And if you like playing card games (eg. Heroes of Might and Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc) then you might enjoy their card game. You can play a card game mission or even challenge a friend or pretty much anyone.
Action and Movements is quite easy. Usage of keyboard for controlling your character using keys a, s, d, f and spacebar for jump while you have to click in order to attack the enemy and right-click for special attack. There is also the super special attack in which you have to click the star on the left side of your screen where a star is revealed.

There is nothing much to say about the story since there is none. You can play the game in the browser and you can play it in full screen too. The game is also multi-OS or mulitple operating systems. You can buy silver/gold using real money in order to buy new heroes you want to play with.

Here is a video clip of the gameplay to give you a few ideas about the game.
So that is it for now and hope you enjoy playing the game. Watch out for another game review.


I've played Super Hero Squad a few times and it's a very good browser-based game. People should try it, too.

Thanks for visiting. It is indeed a very nice game.

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I've played Super Hero Squad a couple of times and its an exceptionally great browser based diversion. Individuals might as well attempt it, as well.

Last night my son had purchased Super Hero Squaddvd from oneplay coupon code at discount rates but as you offering to play this game online now I show this to my son that he got miss that mind-blowing offer.

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