18 May 2011

New Payment Proofs

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I know I've been silent and I am very sorry about it. My current issue is that I am sick. I am still sick now but for the past period I've been away, GUILTY! I am pretty lazy to do anything those times now I really have to report up and catch up.

There are a lot of missed payout reports I have neglected to tell you guys so I'll just make a summary of it all in one. Basically, there are 4 payouts I neglect to report (2 from Ask2Link, 1 from Adgitize and the most current (which is today) one is from Clixsense.

So here they are: (from oldest to latest)

1. Adgitize - this is for my blogging adventure. They paid me last April 9, 2011 - $10.99

2. Ask2Link - ad widget on my Baul ni Noel. Paid me $0.50 - yeah, only half dollar but it makes another $0.50 after a month. Paid me last April 2, 2011 and May 3, 2011 - total of $1.
3. Clixsense - thanks to my team for continued success. Team Philppines is super great! I currently have 2 refs (1st level) and 4 refs (2nd level) and they are all Premium members like me. Clixsense paid me $10.47 two days ago. This is also my 2nd payout.
For information on how to join, please email me or drop a message.


kumikitang kabuhayan! hehe

At least the payout is legitimate and not a scam.

bon - medyo hehe!

virtual office makati - yah! I always make sure it is legit hehe! Thanks for visiting.

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