23 May 2011

Supernatural: Animated?

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I just watched the episode which I think is the season ender for Season 6 of Supernatural. Stars Jared Padelecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. Okay, I admit I am a fan of Supernatural. I was just quite shocked to see an anime that is based in this tv series. Wow! So they did make it through japanese's hearts. For all I know, most japanese love supersticious movies and some of the great animes I watched and liked were based on supernatural things such as vampires and witches. The movies that I am talking about are Vampire Hunter D, Witch Hunter Robin, Blood: The Last Vampire, etc.... By the way, these animes are very good and very recommendable to watch.

So the question now is, would this Supernatural anime be a hit like the tv series? or will it succeed in where Supernatural failed to show? Of course we all know because of the writer's strike, most of the tv series budgets have been cut really hard which affected most of the tv series' ratings.

Okay, so here it is - the Supernatural Anime

Now, hear what the real Sam and Dean say about their animated series.

That's it folks, the Supernatural Anime.


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