30 January 2011

Making a Slideshow for a Blog Post

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Okay, it seems that it takes a long time to get reviewed, I mean my application for an online job. By the way, I don't know what is happening with my blog's menu but I am going to fix it soon. I am sorry about that, thanks. So let us do some tipping for all of you folks out there for the mean time.

Think of this scenario. You had an event or attended one; let us say an anniversary. And you wish to share this through a post on your blog (any blogs). The problem is, you are thinking that if you ever posted all the pictures it might clutter your blog and may slow down the page load of your blog. So how do you do it?

The solution is quite easy. Make a Slideshow. So the question would be:
  • How do you make a slideshow?
  • Where will you make your slideshow?

The great thing about having a blog at Blogger is that all the pictures you post are hosted in one site, Picasa. You need not worry about creating a new account. If you have a gmail email address and have a blog at Blogger then you certainly have a Picasa account.

So how do I access my Picasa account using my Google account?

You can go to Picasa.com and login using your Gmail account. If it is your first time to use Picasa then just follow the instructions on how you setup your Picasa. It’s quite easy.

Here are the steps to create a slideshow.

  1. Prepare your photos or images. If you want to resize the image from their original big size then please do so. You’ll be able to save time and space if you do that. Free members have a 1024MB or 1GB storage capacity so make use of that space, wisely.
  2. After logging in, you’ll see tabs that say My Photos, People and Explore. Just right after that is a button which says “Upload”. Yes, click on it.
  3. It is best that you create a new album and name it accordingly.
  4. Now, upload the photos/images.
  5. After uploading all what you need. You can take time and make captions for your pictures. It is actually optional but if you must then use that feature.
  6. To make sure you are on the right folder, click the Picasa logo and you’ll be sent to the main page which shows the folders or albums you have. Click on the album you desire to make a slideshow.
  7. Look at the right corner of the page you will see an image which looks like a chain and has the words “Links to this album”. Click it and more options will be made available to you.
  8. You should be seeing the URL for email and the html code for inserting the album on other websites. Just below that, you’ll see “Embed Slideshow”. Click on it.
  9. After clicking it, a box will appear which shows a preview of the slideshow. There are also options of the size of the slideshow you wish to create and other options such as showing captions, autoplay, HTML Links and the code that you should be copying and pasting on your post (for blogs). Choose desire options and then copy the HTML code.
  10. In order for the HTML code to work, you should be editing your blog article in code view or in html view.
  11. Paste the code on a post on any of your blogs. It supports any blogs.
That is how simple it is. Hope you’ve learned something from this article. Take a look at the sample slideshow below coz that is how your slideshow will look like. Thanks for visiting.


Thanks for the information. I have now solved my problems from your blogpost.

great to know this article helped you. :)

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