07 October 2013

HP Slate 21" a Larger-Scale Android Experience

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So far, the biggest screen ever made was 10 inches for all tablets so it was quite surprising for HP to create something of a different scale. That's right HP Slate 21 is the first ever android desktop PC ever made - it's just like your desktop PC but with an Android OS. Would this bold move by HP threaten Microsoft? Probably. Imagine desktop machines with just 16//32/64 GB of hard disk space since applications developed in android don't require large space unlike in windows.

The device/machine comes with a keyboard and mouse (wired) and has 3 USB ports and a SD Card slot for extra space. Of course you can also use the USB port for your external hard disks. You can also use it to watch movies and play games. And since it is packed with NVidia graphics, you can play HD games or even 3D games as much as you want.

This really got me interested and I'm already considering to buy one. But for the mean time, let's wait for further feedback from its users. As a smart buyer, learn from other's mistake and get the winning product. Well, I don't want to take too much of your time. Thanks for visiting us once again. Here is a quick demo of the HP Slate 21.


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