13 May 2013

Future Cars are Flown!

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I always wondered how it looked like when cars could fly.... now I know. I recently found some experimental cars on Youtube that is totally cool. It\s probably the most wonderful invention but of course they should also consider the fact that most of these designs need an airstrip and might need an air tower to monitor these flying cars as well. Anyhow, just check the videos.

And here's another one but I prefer the first one which is more like a helicopter coz I love helicopters. Imagine hundreds of this car on the air. Don'\t want this flying on my area, specially since I am here in Saudi Arabia, I can almost imagine the number of accidents.
I know it has been ages since I've updated and made an entry to this blog. I've been hibernating with my kids and felt kinda lazy these days. That's all folks. See you again soon.


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