25 October 2011

Clixsense Reduced Minimum Cashout

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Yes, it is true. Clixsense, the the number 1 PTC since 2007  has reduced their minimum cashout to $8 from $10.  Here is the introductory statement I have received in my email from them:

From Clixsense:
In an effort to provide better service for our members we have reduced the minimum cashout from $10.00 to $8.00 for our Premium members on all electronic payments (Paypal, Alertpay and Liberty Reserve). Free members and all domestic check cashouts are still at $10.00.

We have received a lot of requests to lower our cashout and this is just the first step in making it easier to get your money. We appreciate all of your suggestions and we don't want them to stop. If you have an idea, pass it along to us, we read and respond to each and every one.

To all non-member yet, please click the banner on the right side for more information about our group or email me or just leave a message below. Happy earning guys! 

Hmmm... this means, I can request a cashout tomorrow. Weeh!

Ooops! by the way, this is for Premium members only.


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