29 September 2011

Goodbye Adsense!

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I just got an email from Google telling me that they have deactivated my Adsense account for invalid clicks. I've been maintaining its integrity for years and now they have deactivated it. According to their TOS and FAQ about these cases their are NO POSSIBILITIES of ever recovering my account or even apply for a new one. Too bad, I was preparing a new template for my two blog's template for a better Adsense ad placement but now it is gone.

A friend told me that I could try and appeal to Google by calling them but I won't do that since it is not worth the time and long-distance call. The call could probably cost more than the money on that account so why waste time, effort and money - I could probably get denied anyways. I was a bit sad but not that sad, now I know the reason how they get lots of money.

So to Google Adsense --- goodbye! It was educational.


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