21 December 2010

A $35 Tablet PC with Android OS!

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After the success of Android OS on most PDA devices that have been launched recently, more and more devices have been recently sprouted like mushrooms. While browsing some pages, I found a few advertisements regarding Tablet PCs with Android operating system that just hit the market. If you go to Light in the Box's website at http://www.lightinthebox.com, you may find a few tablet pcs ranging from $149-$210 - that is super cheap.

I saw those ads just this morning and while I was browsing tonight, I happen to stumble upon this news about a launching of a $35 Tablet PC with an Android operating system. Okay, before you wet your pants of excitement, I'd like you to know that it will only be a prototype and this prototype will be revealed on January 10, 2011 - a few weeks from now. Manufacturing of the product will be in India and will be launched there. 

If it is true and if it happens, it will probably cost around $70 in the market - it is still cheap. Check the story at India Unveils Prototype Of $35 Android Tablet-Launching On January 10th, 2011

Happy Holidays people.


I got excited seeing the price when I checked my email so I headed here to check it out,lol..

Prototype pa lang so testing the waters pa lang yan and might have some problems pa..

But that's cheaper din naman than getting high end tablets..

Yap, it is very cheap. Actually, what Light in the Box is offering is quite cheap too. Why don't you check it out.

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