21 May 2010

My AdPTC's Continuing Success!

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I have only been a member of this 2 years old PTC this last March 2010 yet I have seen the greater potential for it to beat NEOBUX out of it's current top rank. Sadly, my Neobux account isn't making much money than my AdPTC. To think I am a premium member of NeoBux yet I am making more money with my standard account at AdPTC makes me feel regretful in my decision to upgrade at Neobux. And it's even easier to gain refs at AdPTC.

I have 200 refs at AdPTC now and I keep on gaining more refs. I am still studying things at Neobux and AdPTC and I am already thinking a good strategy (Atleast that is what I think so). Anyways, my PTC just became more interesting because of this two PTCs.

A friend told my that I just started with bad refs at Neobux but if things get better I'll make more income with Neobux. I'll be the judge of that.

By the way, I think this two PTCs are still the best and still the most honest paying PTCs.

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