04 May 2010

Developers, Want Weather Forecast for your App?

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Since I am also a developer, I want to spice up things in my application and realized "What if I can add a weather forecast in my application?". So bearing that question in my mind, I decided to google it and found a few considerables. I'll try it once I finish the web application that I am doing to add some spice to it. It is easy to just snap it on the front page so I'll just make it my last priority. So here are the sites I found that gives free weather forecast:

WEATHER.com - You need to register first to get the FREE forecast.
WORLDWEATHERONLINE - need to register as well.
WEATHER.gov - It is kinda detailed and I don't wanna initialize on reading anything but there's good news, there is a site that provides a tip on how to pretty much make use of Weather.gov's weather forecast - check it HERE (there is a sample php code that the author has made available in his site, gotta check it out guys - as for me I have to re-code it to C#.Net).

Enjoy developing apps guys.


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