07 April 2010

Utilizing EC and CMFAds

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I have been using ECs for the few past months but I wasn't really using the ECs so now I am going to utilize them. I think it is about time to make use of them since I am very busy and can't promote my websites.

CMFAds, though they are using real money for ads I don't have any problem since the money that I'll be using came from them as well. I believe CMFAds' traffic is much better than ECs and that is based from my experience.

So here it goes.


CMF Ads sends me visitors who interact. Entrecard sends me traffic which just passes through. I want visitors, not traffic :-)

Entrecard is useful if used correctly:

Who lists their monthly top droppers? Drop there and get a free backlink.

Who lists their weekly advertisers? Advertise there and get another backlink :-)

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