18 April 2010

Scams and Honest Admins!

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I have good news and bad news in this article. First, lets go to the good news.

International Offers - one of my old GPT site is still the most honest GPT site I've ever seen. I haven't logged-in there site for almost months and when I logged-in I found some cents that has reached the minimum payout for LR. So I tried it and test if they are still paying. I totally forgot that I have made a cashout from them so I continued on my life and one fine evening as I was checking my LR, I found some cents. I am expecting I have none but why do I have .39 cents so I checked the details and found out that Intoffers just paid me once again. Thank you dear admin. Here is the proof:

Okay, now on with the bad news. First let me ask you, have you seen a website that can be found at PTCs where he got money from exchanging Liberty Reserve to Perfect Money and vice versa? The exchange site for LR to PM seems to be selling their PM at a higher price of $1.32 per $1. The exchange site is STREAMEX.org. It is very tempting and yes I was tempted. I tried to investigate but I found no entries of them in scams but eventually found out that I am looking for "Steamex.org" and not "Streamex.org" - stupid me. So to make it short, my greed took over and I lost my $10LR. I tried to contact them but the email addresses they put on their site isn't working just to prove they are scam. Here is what the website looks like:

So be careful guys in making exchanges on this site.


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