16 December 2012

Got Our First Paycheck

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Jeddah. Me and my wife had ventured into a home-business program last October. We were only planning on buying their product shampoo because we were having problem with our dandruff which was caused by the water system here in Saudi Arabia but after seeing the efficiency of their product called Arctic Sea, we were so in to it. Of course, me and wife talked about it for a few days before we really decided to join them. 

Actually, we have been searching for a business we could deal while here abroad. Before we even went on vacation, we decided to look for a product to market here in Saudi Arabia for business. Our first thoughts were bags, since we have lots of good manufacturing companies back in our country. Our main concern was the product shipment. Next option we had was T-Shirt printing business but then again, shipment of the equipment was our main issue. I tried to contact a local friend but he was not easy to contact so in the end we did not find any product to market here abroad. My aunt showed me a product, herbal tea and some other stuffs. It got me interested but then again when I asked her how I can get the product, she said that I have to ship it here which is of course the same issue. I even thought of being an investment agent or insurance or even real-estate sales but it all requires a lot of training and time which I don't have back in Manila. And so I went back here in Saudi Arabia without any product to sell. That is why when we learned about Forever Living Products here in Saudi Arabia, we became interested. 

And so after watching a demo, we were told to open our minds. So we opened our minds, we don't want to waste our time by being there and having a close mind so we just did as we were told. And we were really amazed. At first I thought FLP is just another MLM scheme in which you can only earn from having downlines and just one of those scam MLMs. But after seeing the demo on how big FLP is, having their own plantation, manufacturing company with robotics, having their own researchers and scientists, even having their own resorts and they have been on the business for (34) thirty-four years, most online MLMs I've known were closed now. So we joined and tested their product and we were more amazed at the company after experiencing their great products - so it's not just all talk after all.

To make the story short, we used their products and we shared our experience and got our first paycheck just awhile ago. It's an early Christmas gift us couples. Thank you Lord for a great blessing.


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