15 July 2010

ADPTC - Are they going SCAM?

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Here is the latest message from the ADPTC Admin. Read it and be the judge if they're going to be SCAM soon. By the way, my withdrawal request has been returned to my balance for how many times already and then this:

I'll be honest I thought everything was over, but you all gave me some hope. Let's not give up and go forward! Here's what's going to happen:
  • All Premium Memberships will stay. 
  • The price for Premium Membership will be $50/year, $90/2 years. 
  • All rented referrals will be removed 
  • You will be able to rent again 
  • All direct referrals will stay 
  • All balances will be zeroed (some of you already converted earned money to ads, you still have some time to do so). 
  • There will be free ads. It means that users can click them if they want, but they won't get any money, it's like donating. 
  • There will be a Donate button. All donations will be returned if everything is all right. 
  • There will be Jackpots, but no referral Jackpot. 
You will be informed regularly about current financial situation with Liberty Reserve/Perfect Money.

This will be done within 24 hours. Tell me what you think, share your ideas and thoughts. 
So even if people try to share their thoughts nothing will be changed. This sucks big time! But it's a good thing I waited for their true colors to come out before I decide to upgrade.



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