24 February 2011

25 FREE Backlinks a Day to Raise Your PR

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Thanks to a fellow blogger (Eric of Blog de Manila) for introducing me Social Monkee, a great  new tool to raise your websites PageRank by building 25 FREE backlinks per day. Imagine having 25 blogs or websites backlinking on one of your best article per day, that would be 175 sites per week and 750 sites per month, surely you'll earn PR in a month.

Here is some info about Social Monkee:

How many times can I submit a URL every day?
As a Free member, you can submit 1 URL to 25 sites, once a day. As a Premium member, you can submit 1 URL to 100 sites, three times a day! You can of course submit different URLs every time.

I am a Free member. Are my URLs always submitted to the same sites?
No, the 25 sites your URLs are submitted to are picked randomly, out of our 100 sites.

How exactly does it work?

Every time you submit a URL, a page is created on each site, with a link back to your own page.

Submit your 
content Every Day to 25 social 
bookmarking sites, all on unique 
C class IPs... FREE.
JOIN Social Monkee NOW!
Why do most sites have a low PageRank?
At the time of writing, PageRank has not been updated in over 10 months. It has also been demonstrated that Google doesn't use their PageRank system as much for search results anymore. Every new page made has PageRank of 0 on any site on the web.  The important thing here is that the page gets indexed so the backlink counts!
What can't I submit to SocialMonkee?
SocialMonkee does NOT accept the following types of sites, or sites with the following types of content: adult or adult themed, cheap pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, gambling, high yield or high risk investments, hate, etc. 

This is great if you are selling reviews, advertisements, products for your page or blog.


thanks for this info...bookmark ko na ito, pero ok lang ba ito sa adsense?

I think it is okay since di naman dahil backlinks lang naman ito eh. I think it is a great tool.

you are very much welcome. i hope it will indeed help us all in creating more backlinks.


once lang ako nakapagsubmit ng aking blog url sa social monkee...iyong succeeding days nireject na... ba't ganun?

I ranted and raved about this issue in the Adgitize and Google forums. Apparently, I was one of those greatly affected by the problem. Yesterday, I noticed that things went back to normal... on my end anyway. I could already edit and save my template, yay! I hope all goes well for the rest of Blogspot bloggers.

@lee - maybe you are submitting the same article. I was able to submit 3 x already all different articles.

@teecup -I hope it all goes well to you as well.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.

ok, i also ask about this kay eric... and same reply...try ko mamamaya

Visiting you here. Damng nagrerefer sa akin jan di ko pa lang natry. Hehe.

Liz - you should try it, wala namang mawawala eh hehe! There is a probable gain pa.

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